Protection of Witnesses in a Drug Case

It may well not come as a revelation to many that supposed drugs traffickers, who are facing a lengthy incarceration, will go to great lengths to stop their own drug cases and do so by spreading fear and alarm through the use of intimidating means. The witnesses will need some assurance of their safety. They should be protected both in their areas of residence and when appearing in the court of law. Also, their families and friends should equally be protected as drug case is more sensitive and drug traffickers will use every mean to intimidate them.  

There various types of intimidations a witness may experience in the course of their work. They include: 

-Implicit threats 

-Property damage 

-Courtroom intimidation 

-Physical violence 



Drug dealers may try all means to ensure that witness is intimidated. They may assault, brutalize, isolate from public or even kill one of the witnesses’ family members. To avoid these situations, certain measures should be taken by the government. The law is very clear on Protection of Witnesses in a Drug case. What witness protection allows, in any situation in which the evidence that somebody is to give is crucial at a drug case matter, is peace of mind through the elimination of their fears and anxieties, allowing for an enhanced capacity for recalling the essential facts accurately.

Something a large number of witnesses often find this hard to do with the risk of violence or harassment hanging over them. A private security company that supplies a witness protection service will provide protection officers who will facilitate 24-hour security and put into action risk-reducing standard operating procedures that will benefit all those acting on behalf of the prosecution, inclusive of Drug Crime Attorney and key witnesses; those that are exposed or have endured threats from those who seek to interfere with their drug case.  


A properly planned and managed witness protection service will lessen the risk to those key people involved on the prosecution side. It will not only protect a client, but produce a sense of security and assurance within those involved, which allows the witnesses to recall their evidence more precisely.  

If you have a court appearance pending and believe you need a witness protection service, then make sure that any security company you approach can and will fulfil the following basic criteria: 

  • The provision of 24-hour protection that includes the leading up to, during and posts court appearance.  
  • A facility to provide safe houses and secure locations.  
  • That you will be safely transported to and from the court.  
  • That they coordinate with the court security staff to ensure understanding and maximum support.  
  • Supply personnel with police backgrounds, who are familiar with court procedure and an understanding of the requirements of the witnesses and their families.  

On that last point, specialists should have plenty of prior experience and be required to have provided close protection in drug case and courts to both Drug Crime Attorney and witnesses and they should place their importance on ensuring that clients are put at ease through feeling that they are safe and protected; so that they are ready to give good quality evidence on that particular drug case. There is no denying that it is a sensitive matter that requires the very best a close protection officer has to offer.  

Should they fall short in any or all of these, then move on and keep looking because you cannot put a price on the protection and safety of yourself or your family.  

One other matter that needs consideration is that the larger security companies may not share the same emphasis on client focus as the smaller firms and may not have the same quality of officer.  

The question has to be asked; can a corporation that provides work for thousands of employees really offer a quality of service that is comparable with a perceived lesser company whose staff are all handpicked and chosen for the knowledge and experience?  

It is an incorrect supposition held by many people that because a corporation has a large workforce that they offer a better-quality service, it is our experience that the precise opposite applies. Smaller security companies focus on hiring and working with only those they trust implicitly and not all and sundry.  


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