Possession of Drug Controlled Substance without a Prescription

Controlled substances can be described as drugs and other types of materials whose use and possession has been regulated by the federal government. It should be noted that possession of a controlled substance is not necessarily a criminal offense. In fact, the possession and use of some substances are legal but this is only under particular circumstances. For instance, it is legal during a scientific research and when an individual is put under the supervision of a doctor. Prescription drugs might be considered to controlled substances but are not the typical drugs on the streets.

Illegal Possession

The illegal possession of a controlled substance can happen when an individual owns a drug or possesses a controlled substance, this could lead to Prescription Drug Charges Oklahoma City, of course, if you are living in OKC. This has to happen without permission or justification. The charges usually apply when an individual common prescription drugs such as Valium, Xanax, Methadone, OxyContin, Vicodin, Hydrocodone, Dilaudid and Demerol.

It is essential to realize that there are a few legally available drugs like prescription medications that qualify to be controlled substances. This means that possession charges can be imposed if an individual is found to be carrying the medication without a proper prescription.

In order for a prosecutor to convict a person of having illegal possession of controlled substance, he or she must prove all the following elements:

  •  Knowing

The crime with regard to possession of controlled substances happens when an individual intentionally or knowingly has any controlled drugs. However, it is not mandatory for the prosecution to prove that an accused person had knowledge of the controlled drugs. In addition, that the accused knew possession was illegal in that circumstance. They only have to prove that the person accused had knowledge of the drug’s presence and had intentions to control or us them.

  •  Possession

It means that an individual has physical or personal control over an illegal substance. The possession can be either constructive or actual. Actual means they have it in their pocket or constructive that means they have control over the drug i.e. hidden somewhere.

  •  Shared Possession

A conviction can also be done in cases of partial control.

Possession Versus Distribution

Charges can either be simple possession or possession with intent to distribute. This is a much more serious crime. Crimes dealing with the intention to distribute are referred to as drug dealing. The penalty is directly proportional to the number of drugs, purity of the drugs and proof of the intent to sell.


Drug controlled substances without a prescription have an array of penalties but it is dependent on where the crime took place. Furthermore, the severity of a penalty is controlled by several factors, these are as follows:

i. Specific prdrug.

ii. Circumstances of the drug possession.

iii.  The criminal history of the accused.

The penalties fines, incarceration, probation, diversion, and rehabilitation.

The above insightful information about possession of drug controlled substance without a prescription shows prosecution elements and the types of penalties. Most times, it is important to get legal advice from reputable criminal defense lawyers. It is important that they have enough experience in order to win the possession case.


Drug Manufacturing in Iowa

Drug manufacturing involves the making of drugs with the intent of distributing them. This means that a person who is doing drug manufacturing is making huge quantities of drugs with the express intent to sell them. According to the laws in Iowa, one does not necessarily have to be actually making drugs to be manufacturing drugs. Instead, even having the substances and items that are used to manufacture drugs is considered drug manufacturing.

The increase in synthetic drugs is the main reason why drug manufacturing has increased so much in Iowa. There are people who manufacture illegally to sell to other people without the necessary authorization to do so, including prescription drugs. In the case one is arrested for drug manufacturing, it is important to get a professional drug crime lawyer in Iowa. Such a lawyer will be able to argue the case using the necessary laws that are put into place.  

The main reason why drug manufacturing is strictly guided by the laws in Iowa is that there are people who manufacture illegal drugs that are much more dangerous than even the drugs they are supposed to be. Such people manufacture drugs such as methamphetamines that are known to cause negative effects on their users.

Such drugs are not checked by the regulating authorities and could even be more dangerous if the person making them doesn’t use the “standard” materials. Because of these reasons, the laws for people who do the manufacturing illegally are very strict. A person caught manufacturing drugs in Iowa can be jailed for up to ten years. These laws are meant to protect the residents from the negative effects of the illegal and substandard drugs they produce.  

Besides the people who perform drug manufacturing illegally in Iowa, there are others who are accused but are not guilty. Such people are caught because some of the things used to manufacture the illegal drugs are legal and are used in day to day activities. If a person is caught with some of these things on the street or at home, one can be charged with drug manufacturing. In such a situation, it is paramount to hire a professional drug crime lawyer in Iowa for the lawyer will be able to argue the case and prove the innocence of the arrested person.  

There are also stores that sell some of the components used to manufacture drugs. But such stores usually sell such components for other uses. This means that such stores do not have any idea that the people who buy the items intend to use them to manufacture drugs. But if the court establishes that there is a store that sells these items knowingly, such a store can be charged in a court. This makes it the responsibility of the stores in Iowa to make sure that the people who buy certain items do not use the items to make drugs – which is why there are certain things that seem strange to be carded for at your local big box store, but it happens to prevent such manufacturing. 

The main reason why it is important to deal with drug manufacturing in Iowa is that people who use the drugs experience different types of negative side effects. This is because the users of these drugs hope to get high and they and up being addicted, potentially ruining their lives. After being addicted, it becomes very hard to stop the addiction. The crime rate also rises because most users steal to get money to buy drugs. Competition in selling of these drugs also causes safety concerns. Consequently, the state government keeps on dealing with the sellers and manufacturers of the drugs to the fullest extent of the law. 

When convicted with drug manufacturing in Iowa, one is usually arrested together with the evidence. After being arrested, one is kept in the custody of the police and then taken to a court of law within the shortest time possible. In the court one gets an opportunity of explaining why he or she has been arrested. The evidence or a portion of the evidence is brought before the court and the arresting officers are also requested to testify for the judge so that he or she knows all of the details. It is highly recommended for the accused person to get a professional drug crime lawyer in Iowa. This is because the lawyer has a better understanding of the various drug laws. Depending on the evidence produced, the accused person will be jailed, fined or set free.  

It is evident that the drug manufacturing laws are very helpful in Iowa. They reduce the quantity of illegal drugs which are sold and used in this area and it also prohibits people who do not have the necessary skills and equipment from making the drugs. The law also protects people who might be caught by mistake, especially those who are caught with legal items which are used to manufacture the illegal drugs. Therefore, understanding the drug laws in Iowa is helpful and one should get a professional lawyer in case one is caught with a drug manufacturing offense.  



Protection of Witnesses in a Drug Case

It may well not come as a revelation to many that supposed drugs traffickers, who are facing a lengthy incarceration, will go to great lengths to stop their own drug cases and do so by spreading fear and alarm through the use of intimidating means. The witnesses will need some assurance of their safety. They should be protected both in their areas of residence and when appearing in the court of law. Also, their families and friends should equally be protected as drug case is more sensitive and drug traffickers will use every mean to intimidate them.  

There various types of intimidations a witness may experience in the course of their work. They include: 

-Implicit threats 

-Property damage 

-Courtroom intimidation 

-Physical violence 



Drug dealers may try all means to ensure that witness is intimidated. They may assault, brutalize, isolate from public or even kill one of the witnesses’ family members. To avoid these situations, certain measures should be taken by the government. The law is very clear on Protection of Witnesses in a Drug case. What witness protection allows, in any situation in which the evidence that somebody is to give is crucial at a drug case matter, is peace of mind through the elimination of their fears and anxieties, allowing for an enhanced capacity for recalling the essential facts accurately.

Something a large number of witnesses often find this hard to do with the risk of violence or harassment hanging over them. A private security company that supplies a witness protection service will provide protection officers who will facilitate 24-hour security and put into action risk-reducing standard operating procedures that will benefit all those acting on behalf of the prosecution, inclusive of Drug Crime Attorney and key witnesses; those that are exposed or have endured threats from those who seek to interfere with their drug case.  


A properly planned and managed witness protection service will lessen the risk to those key people involved on the prosecution side. It will not only protect a client, but produce a sense of security and assurance within those involved, which allows the witnesses to recall their evidence more precisely.  

If you have a court appearance pending and believe you need a witness protection service, then make sure that any security company you approach can and will fulfil the following basic criteria: 

  • The provision of 24-hour protection that includes the leading up to, during and posts court appearance.  
  • A facility to provide safe houses and secure locations.  
  • That you will be safely transported to and from the court.  
  • That they coordinate with the court security staff to ensure understanding and maximum support.  
  • Supply personnel with police backgrounds, who are familiar with court procedure and an understanding of the requirements of the witnesses and their families.  

On that last point, specialists should have plenty of prior experience and be required to have provided close protection in drug case and courts to both Drug Crime Attorney and witnesses and they should place their importance on ensuring that clients are put at ease through feeling that they are safe and protected; so that they are ready to give good quality evidence on that particular drug case. There is no denying that it is a sensitive matter that requires the very best a close protection officer has to offer.  

Should they fall short in any or all of these, then move on and keep looking because you cannot put a price on the protection and safety of yourself or your family.  

One other matter that needs consideration is that the larger security companies may not share the same emphasis on client focus as the smaller firms and may not have the same quality of officer.  

The question has to be asked; can a corporation that provides work for thousands of employees really offer a quality of service that is comparable with a perceived lesser company whose staff are all handpicked and chosen for the knowledge and experience?  

It is an incorrect supposition held by many people that because a corporation has a large workforce that they offer a better-quality service, it is our experience that the precise opposite applies. Smaller security companies focus on hiring and working with only those they trust implicitly and not all and sundry.